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Three members of SCELFSCI / Human Element

Problem Statement

1/3 of Americans live with chronic stress and millennials are the most stressed out generation. Stress makes us our worst selves but we have a phantom relationship with it. Stress is not a “feeling”, it’s a biological system and a key component of that system is the hormone, cortisol. Our cortisol rises when we’re faced with something stressful. That is helpful for us in the short-term but if it stays elevated for too long it can result in severe “wear and tear” on our bodies. High cortisol has been linked to weight gain, sleep disorders, burnout, accelerated aging and more.

Proposed Solution

A real time cortisol meter to measure your body’s stress hormone. If you can measure your stress you can master it by using our unique features of personalized cortisol readings and stress experiments, to see what activities reduce your cortisol the most. Our cortisol meter is a physical device combined with a guided software experience to help you build a relationship with your stress.